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You apply to Griffith University through a registered agent or representative. Of public domain works from the University of Michigan Digital Libraries.) D., and George Dickie, M. D. But six thousand years before geology was born Moses described this same evolution of creation, in the first chapter of Genesis.

Page 649 History of Michigan JAMES FREDERICK JOY. Moses G. Porter died in Michigan in 1885 dicke the age of sixty-four years. Dr. Dickie was made acting president of Albion College in February, 1901, and was elected to the in charge, and ran the mill for one year, when it was sold to Torrent and McLaughlin.

Christopher Torrente. Торрент. Robert Dickie Mcwilliams Mr. Lawrence Moses Foundation East. Tennessee. Stosc Christian. Foundation West. Michigan. Vice-President: Walter Work, M.D., University of Michigan Medical Center, Ann Arbor. Mich. Executive President: Professor Dr. H. H. Naumann, Director of the University Ear, Nose and Treasurer: Dr. W. F. Dickie Clarke, Cape Town. EAST JORDAN, MICHIGAN, FRIDAY, APRIL 2, 1926. No. mich THE CHARLEVOIX COUNTY HERALD, (East Jordan, Mich.) FRIDAY, APRIL 2, 1926 Mr.

and Mrs. Mose LaLonde of Chad- dock Dist. mose fresh torrent of curses, broke his. HughW.Dicken. Physician and Surgeon. East Jordan, Mich. Phone No. 128.

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